Terms of service etc

  1. Don't be a cunt (see FAQ)
  2. If you nevertheless choose to be a cunt your files will be nuked harder than Japan in 1945.
  3. Your files are hosted on scrap metal in a closet in Sweden, you have absolutely no guarantees.
  4. If you want files removed, contact me on discord with a good reason, USA laws is not a good reason.

Some cool stats

Serving 6225 files totalling 81.58 GiB
Today there have been 0 uploads
And on average there are 69.17 uploads per day


How to get an invite

You can apply in the #apply channel on Discord, you will then have to wait for an admin to review your application.
If you haven't gotten a reply within 24 hours give katt a nudge.

What qualifies as being a cunt?

  • Uploading malware
  • Uploading illegal shit
  • Intentionally fucking up the server
  • Anything else that makes katt mad

I forgot my password

Send a DM to katt using the same account you applied with.

I've found a bug, missing feature etc!

Please submit a ticket at GitHub describing the best you can what's going on and what should be going on.

Cute pic or meme