Terms of service etc

  1. Don't be a cunt (see FAQ)
  2. If you nevertheless choose to be a cunt your files will be nuked harder than Japan in 1945.
  3. Your files are hosted on scrap metal in a closet in Sweden, you have absolutely no guarantees.
  4. If you want files removed, contact me on discord with a good reason, USA laws is not a good reason.

Some cool stats

Serving 6318 files totalling 126.89 GiB
Today there have been 26 uploads
And on average there are 70.20 uploads per day


How to get an invite

You can apply in the #apply channel on Discord, you will then have to wait for an admin to review your application.
If you haven't gotten a reply within 24 hours give katt a nudge.

What qualifies as being a cunt?

  • Uploading malware
  • Uploading illegal shit
  • Intentionally fucking up the server
  • Anything else that makes katt mad

I forgot my password

Send a DM to katt using the same account you applied with.

I've found a bug, missing feature etc!

Please submit a ticket at GitHub describing the best you can what's going on and what should be going on.

Cute pic or meme