What limits are there?

Files are kept for 90 days after being uploaded.

Storage is only limited per file, and is specific for each user, but the default is 5 GiB.
This means, in theory you could upload 1000x 5 GiB files and fill the server, but please don't.

Some cool stats

Serving 6639 files totalling 102.12 GiB
Today there have been 47 uploads
And on average there are 73.77 uploads per day


How to get an invite

You can apply in the #apply channel on Discord, you will then have to wait for an admin to review your application.
If you haven't gotten a reply within 24 hours give katt a nudge.

What gets my access revoked?

If you're caught uploading malware, CP or any other retarded shit your account will be terminated.
Excessive amounts of Google bitching at me about your uploads will also get you banned.

I forgot my password

Send a DM to katt using the same account you applied with, and you'll get a reset key.

I've found a bug, missing feature etc!

Please submit a ticket at GitHub describing the best you can what's going on and what should be going on.

ShareX doesn't work and I'm running Windows 7 or 8

Known problem, upgrade to Linux or sell your soul to Windows 10.
If you decide to go against the above options, try uploading via website or curl.

Cute pic or meme