[2018-08-28] Suspended and site wiped from Cloudflare 👌👌👌👌

[2018-02-14] New server, fitter, happier, more productive, regular excercise at the gym.

[2017-11-03] Files now hosted on u.lewd.se

[2017-09-19] Files are now hosted on c.lewd.se

[2017-09-16] lewd.se is now using Cloudflare

[2017-01-24] Pomflare is RIP

[2016-12-??] New dark theme applied

[2016-12-02] Started using Pomflare CDN

[2016-11-17] Discord server created

[2016-05-15] Site is now using Let's Encrypt

[2016-04-29] Files are now hosted on f.lewd.se, previously lewd.se/f/

[2016-01-24] Last file ever uploaded to catpanic.eu using FTP at 00:38
First file ever uploaded to lewd.se using uguu 02:57